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Free Book Friday: Daddy’s by Lindsay Hunter

JK Evanczuk / Friday, October 8, 2010 View Comments

Welcome to this week’s Free Book Friday, wherein we give you the best titles in indie publishing for the low low price of nothing. Congrats to last week’s winner Marla for getting a free copy of Awkward Two from Awkward Press.

Daddy's by Lindsay Hunter

This week, we are giving away a copy of Daddy’s by Lindsay Hunter. You ever fed yourself something bad? Like a candied rattlesnake, or a couple fingers of antifreeze? Nope? You seen what it done to other people? Like while they’re flopping around on the floor you’re thinking about how they’re fighting to live. Like while they’re dying they never looked so alive? That’s what Daddy’s is like. In this collection of toxic southern gothics, packaged as a bait box of temptation, Lindsay Hunter offers an exploration not of the human heart but of the spine; mixing sex, violence and love into a harrowing, head-spinning read that’ll push you a little further toward flopping. You can print out your own mini-book featuring “Peggy’s Brother,” a story from Daddy’s, here.

This week’s Free Book Friday is sponsored by Featherproof Books. Featherproof Books is an indie publisher dedicated to doing whatever they want. This might take the form of publishing an idiosyncratic novel, design book, or something in between. They love paper, but they’re not afraid of computers. Their free downloadable mini-books are an invitation to all ten fingers to take part in the book-making process. They also have an experiment in attention span: the TripleQuick Fiction iPhone app. No matter the medium, they see their authors as creative partners involved in every step of publication. They make their own fun.

To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is comment in the space below. Make sure to tell us your email address so we can contact you if you win! We also recommend doing the following:

Winner will be chosen randomly at 12pm EST on Friday, October 15 and notified via email. The winner must respond to our email within 48 hours, or a new winner will be randomly selected.

Good luck!

EDIT: Giveaway now closed. Congrats to this week’s winner CORTNEY. Check out the new Free Book Friday, featuring Patrick Somerville’s The Universe in Miniature in Miniature.

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  • Gillian


  • http://www.taylorhicklen.com Taylor

    Sign me up!

  • Peter Landau

    I want to read this book, for free or not — hope that doesn’t disqualify me!

  • michael

    I almost bought this but I only had enough money for one book and it turned out the book I did end up buying was bad and now I wish I had bought this one instead.

  • http://www.knitandnosh.typepad.com Terri

    Sounds good!

  • devin

    this sounds better than a tao lin book! he is a writer, right?

  • Sean

    Featherproof is the best.

  • Denae

    This would be the more free version of getting the book, so I approve.

  • http://www.jaimefountaine.com Jaime

    Hooray for Featherproof!

  • http://www.ghostoceanmagazine.com Heather

    Featherproof = best indie press in Chicago!

  • Ariel Jastromb

    This sounds amazing! Totally up my alley. The Southern Gothic is the best kind (I love you Faulkner!)

  • http://watchoutworldimatwentysomething.blogspot.com Jessica

    Am I able to enter? Cuz I think I’d totally dig that book! :)

  • Michael Carter

    Please enter me.

  • http://readzebra.wordpress.com Timothy Schuler

    ooh! yes please

  • http://wisb.blogspot.com/ SMD

    That’s a very unique design. Very curious. Count me in.

  • Adam Stefanoff

    Hello. I want that book.

  • danielle

    me please!

  • Cortney

    Uh, hell to the yes to the please. Comment of love and stuff. Unicorns.

  • Lynn

    I’ve been wanting to read this.

  • Jennifer

    Would love it!

  • http://www.lulu.com/bencampbell Ben Campbell

    DADDY’S by Lindsay Hutner? Featherproof books? collection of toxic southern gothics, packaged as a bait box of temptation? Yes, yes, yes.

  • http://www.theblacksheepdances.com amy

    Thanks for introducing this press to me…love the cover of the book. I just followed on twitter and the FW blog.

  • Jessica

    Looks good!!

  • http://pennylanehasnewshoes.com Heather


  • http://badbadbad.net jesusangelgarcia

    Love Ms. Hunter’s new book. Here’s my best attempt at a review: http://vol1brooklyn.com/2010/10/25/amelia-gray-lindsay-hunter-on-the-big-ugly/

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