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Which Literary Style Is The Hardest To Write?

Allaya Cooks / Monday, January 31, 2011 View Comments

With so many different styles of writing in the world, it’s completely possible that two people can call themselves writers and not even be in the same ballpark. There are poets, essayists, journalists, novelists and bloggers, not to mention reporters, short-story writers, reviewers, and playwrights.
Everyone has strengths and weaknesses; I personally love writing fiction, although it’s sometimes difficult for me to create it. My sister is excellent at writing blurbs. Another friend of mine is great at spoken word poems. I consider myself to be good at a few things, but blurbs and spoken word poetry aren’t part of them.

But it’s the new year, and we’re all about challenges! So, I want to know what your literary kryptonite is.

What writing style makes you curl up with fear and cry?

Your challenge (if you choose to accept it) is to come up with something in that style and post it below. I’m going to come up with something too.  Winner gets my love, and the satisfaction of knowing that you are awesome enough to break through everything you ever thought about yourself.  Right on!

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  • Anonymous

    Okay, here’s my attempt at spoken word poetry. It’s based on something that happened at my day/night job as a bartender. It was actually a very fun writing exercise.

    She called me a bimbo.
    It fell from her mouth,
    I stood, struck,
    A smile slowly dying on my lips,
    A shaking in my fingertips
    The weight of what she said
    Breaking on me, like waves
    Crashing over my head
    I’m going under, what she said
    What she said
    Not a slur, not a crime of hate
    But woman to woman, face to face
    Worse than hate—
    Ignorance, self-loathing
    You and I, we’re so much the same
    But you,
    Squeezed between two men who will never love you
    You see me but not me
    Just a body, not a face
    Ten sizes smaller and totally out of place
    You’re thirty years ahead, but somehow you lost the race
    We were having a good time
    You were real
    Now you try to steal
    My smile
    Catch it as it falls dead from my lips
    You look at me, not knowing what I’ve heard
    Who knew worlds were made and broke because of just one word?
    I guess that’s all you’ll ever see.
    Well, your timing sucks.
    The next one would’ve been on me.

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