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Free E-Chapbook: The Five Lost Senses of Carl

JK Evanczuk / Thursday, October 27, 2011 Comments Off

Deckfight also has this thing called ?Deckfight Press,? which is a literary e-chap press. We find some writers, turn out some short books by them, in PDF form & digital formats. Our new one is by Mel Bosworth & Christy Crutchfield called The Five Lost Senses of Carl.

Deckfight has this thing called Deckfight Press, a literary e-chapbook press. They churn out really good material, by really good writers, for free. Their latest is The Five Lost Senses of Carl by Mel Bosworth & Christy Crutchfield.

Download the free PDF with awesome art.
Download the free epub/other digital editions.
Buy it for the Kindle just because whatever.

Also, if you missed it: it’s free. We like free stuff.

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