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“Crack Monkeys,” “wangster gangsta jew,” & Other Bad Poems

By JK Evanczuk on Monday, October 26, 2009 - Comments Off

bbbbaaad poetryI have a special fondness in my heart for bad poetry. Partly because I’m a terrible poet myself so I can’t help but identify with fellow terrible poets. And also partly because, as I’ve discussed before, I think there’s a lot to be gained by disregarding the rules of “good” writing–how else are you supposed to further your craft if you’re not willing to take risks?

So in the spirit of taking risks, and of totally missing the mark, there’s Very Bad Poetry, an online journal featuring such gems as these: Read more »

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Free Book Chapter on Cinegraphic.net

By JK Evanczuk on Wednesday, June 17, 2009 - Comments Off

Enter a world of strange delights for free, thanks to Cinegraphic.net.

Cinegraphic.net, an avant-garde film/video blog, has the first chapter of their upcoming book Two Women and a Nightengale available for free download. Cinegraphic. net says:

Part fantasy, part word-play, the fragementary narrative comes alive when read aloud.

This collage novel follows the classic format: images culled from nineteenth century sources, painstakingly rearranged and reassembed into entirely new, seamless tableaux.

This is the first chapter from the novel, complete with Betancourt’s artwork and story. It is a riff on Ernst’s 1926 painting “Two children are menaced by a nightengale,” taking up the story years later from were Ernst left it.

The story chronicles the adventure of Rose, her sister Marcella, the insane landscapes they travel through (including a sea where mothers drown their naughty sons), and the eponymous Nightengale on their way to the Moon.

The sheer lunacy of the tale is accentuated by the strangeness of the images.

The tale features magical mops, flying fish, and mocking sea turtles. And plenty of mind-bending imagery, like the image at left. And yes, that’s a wolf’s head on that little girl’s body, trying to force her way through an elaborate gate (with fire?). Delicious!

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