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An Advice Column From a Man-Bear

By JK Evanczuk on Thursday, November 17, 2011 - Comments Off

Oh, man. This is amazing. Gary Socquet over at The Nervous Breakdown has published an online advice column, answered by a part-man, part-bear. In his own words:

So people call me Garebear (Bear for short) not because it rhymes (that would be lame, and my friends are not lame) but because I?m actually half bear, on my mother?s side. A few years back I started an advice column for the lovelorn: as it turns out, you learn a lot about making relationships work when one of your parents is a bear. And, well, I just like to feel useful. I think you?ll see what I mean. Let?s dig into the mailbag, shall we?

My favorite questions/answers:

Dear Bear:
My boyfriend is my best friend, he?s smart and funny and sexy, but he?s not a giver: he never considers my feelings, never asks me how my day was, and in five years he?s never once told me I look pretty. What should I do, Bear?


Dear Unappreciated:

Are you pretty? Is it possible one of the qualities you left off the list of his many fine traits is ?honest?? Have you ever considered the possibility that he?s just taking pity on you? I mean, you call him your best friend, but it doesn?t even sound as though he likes you all that much. You?re clearly very needy, you have limited self-esteem, and at this point the jury is still out on your looks ? although, honestly, if he?s never once in five years said you look pretty, well, do the math. And count your blessings.

Dear Bear:

I?m following up to let you know I took your advice and talked to that girl at work I like. You were right ? it was so easy! Turns out she got a new pair of glasses and she was asking people in the break room what they thought, and I said, ?They?re librarian hot.? (No pun intended.) What?s my next move, Love Doctor?
(name withheld for obvious reasons)

Dear Scott:

Guh. Please tell me you didn?t . . . Okay. Shit. Okay. Your next move . . . your next move. Okay, here?s the thing: ?no pun intended? is not an idiom. It means exactly what it means. It is intended to follow an unintentional play on words, like when you?re in a meeting and somebody asks the fat guy to ?weigh in? on the topic. So I?d say your next move should be to tell her in no uncertain terms how much you love her boobs, and then say, ?No pun intended.? Get it, Scott?

Distract yourself from work with some surrealism(ish) and read the whole thing here.

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